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One of the many beautiful things about living abroad is that there is always something new that will make you pause, contemplate, and center. New taste, smells, colors in fabrics you’d never imagine look so beautiful together, new combinations of words and phrases that you don’t have in your native language and suddenly you are questioning everything.


Greeks are known to wear their hearts on their sleeve and I love and adore them for this. Maybe it’s inspired by the temperament of the Mediterranean sun or the Meltemi winds, or the suddenness of an earthquake, or maybe it’s because deep down, Greeks still embrace tragedy.  But whatever it is, I settle comfortably into it, it is home for me. It is free.

Here are my thoughts, personal adventures; my heart on my sleeve.

Life under Capital Control

My experience living in a country under capital control.



On January 6th I ventured out in the rain and took 600+ pictures of the Epiphany Celebration.
You’ve probably seen pictures of it before…a priest throws a wooden cross into the sea and people dive after it. While editing the pictures and organizing my words, I had an unexpected realization. I had finally found peace with something that was deeply haunting me.

Vatazi AdventuresVatazi Street

To the back streets of Athens. One Summers night, during a heat wave, there was a blackout. My neighbors made the best of it. But as drama unfolded it was only then I truly understood my neighborhood.

After the rainFlowers

If my love for Greece could be painted, then it would be a painting that manifested every May 1st.

MoonsetCorinthian Moonset

I left Athens and moved to Loutraki, a small beach town near Corinth.  One early morning I ventured out into the cold, armed with my tripod and camera. The timing was perfect.

Wrapped in two layers of clothes, armed with my tripod and camera, I ventured out into the Loutraki winds,  much to the amusement of my early bird neighbors.

The timing was perfect.

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Ancient_stepsMysteries of Greece

One of my favorite phases about  a project is research and development. When possible, I make a point to spend time at the area my characters live, breathe, and feel in. And very often, I come across something rather extraordinary.

The BirdsWinter Solstice in Pictures

Finding light on the darkest day of the year.

UphillThe Conflict of Belonging

The endless black hole of bureaucracy, the issue of passport privilege and at the end of the day, who are we?

Detoxing in Sunlight Life in Greece: Tears, Hope, and Love from Athens

Before the world knew about the crisis in Greece, tension in Athens was all ready at dangerous levels.

flowersWhere the Muses Hide

In the mountains? In the water? Where are the Muses?

AthensBehind Closed Doors

Tribute to a homeless girl whose face I will never forget and an old lady who every morning stood on her balcony and watched the world go by.

Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice

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