The Gods at Work

I am often accused of being OCD with my camera. Hard drives grumble under the weight of  a terabyte of photography and at any given day I will run my errands only to return home with at least 600 more shots.

But this is not my fault, I argue. In passing daydreams, the Gods are still at work and roam these lands.

One can feel it in the sunrise.

September Sunrise

Or during a swim in azure waters while gazing up at the flawless blue sky that stretches above, over, and beyond.



Boat sailing over the Corinthian Gulf


Or at night, when the air cools and a breeze blows through open windows carrying the songs of nightingales and scent of jasmine.

Before sunrise and moonset


And if you’re lucky, a muse may stop by.


Looking toward Modern Corinth from the Loutraki coastline.


There are gods at work and if one wishes to catch such beauty then one must move fast and photography is the only way I can – I think – keep up with the landscape.

My wish is to capture the energy of Greece and  you, my reader, feel as if were actually here with me, witnessing the Gods at work.


Corinthian Gulf

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  • You have a really wonderful site. Each one of your posts is delicately balanced and I can tell you are in a place of a sort of peace. That is beautiful. Keep up the amazing work, its really wonderful!


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