About the Author: A contributor to Whispers From Greece, Laura Lifshitz-Hernandez is a comedienne, writer, and former MTV personality. To read her rantings on sex, love, parenthood, and memoir excerpts, dash over to: Follow her @LauraLifshitz & on Facebook at 

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The Tenacity of Apollo

  The Tenacity of Apollo by Laura Lifshitz-Hernandez   It’s fairly probable to say that in one person’s lifetime, he or she will be infatuated with someone, or at the very least, in lust after another individual. Apollo known as the Greek God of light, prophecy, medicine, healing, plagues, music, archery, intellectual inquiry and more,
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Emerging from Winter: Finding Persephone

  Note: It takes an abundance of bravery to share our most painful experiences. My many thanks to Laura who chooses to open her heart to the world and be a voice of honesty and inspiration. She reminds us that no matter how cold and dire our metaphoric Winter may be, it is by no
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The Last Laugh of Aphrodite

The Last Laugh of Aphrodite What we Women can Learn from the Goddess of Love and Beauty this Valentine’s Day by Laura Lifshitz-Hernandez   It’s hard to live up to anything when you are the birth from a supposed castration and the goddess of love and beauty. Talk about some high standards. As the story
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