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Mellissa is a U.S. expat residing in Athens, Greece, where she integrates her love for philosophy and mythology into her professional life as a screenwriter.

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Life in Greece: Tears, Hope, and Love from Athens

  Life in Greece: Tears, Hope, and Love from Athens Though the name of this website is Whispers from Greece, it should be noted that Greece is anything but a whisper.  Greece is a shout, sometimes a frustrated shout, the likes of being trapped in a closet fighting ones way out, struggling to be heard.
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Greek Protest of February 12, 2012

Note: this was originally published on February 12, 2012. I had since unpublished it, but while going through my old files, felt it was important to keep up, for our record’s sake. So much is changing in Greece, and it is important to never forget.. Greek Protest of February 12, 2012   Why should the
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The Realm of Poseidon: Submerged Cities

Could there be historic ruins under these waves? Ancient geographers, writers and local legend often whisper of powerful earthquakes, tsunamis and submerged cities. For example, the submerged ancient city of Helike (pronounced e’lici) which was once believed to be myth. In 373 BCE a temple and sanctuary of Helikonian Poseidon was extremely popular throughout the
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Ancient Greek Quotes

  On the windy shore of Loutraki, windsurfers glided over the Corinthian gulf, under the first sunset of 2012. In celebration of the New Year, here is a medley of modern Greece with Ancient Greek quotes from antiquity’s greatest minds. Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. – Plato For a
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Socrates Definition of the Educated Person

    What was Socrates definition of the educated person? When Socrates was asked this question, he never said anything about the gathering of knowledge and information. Education, is a matter of behavior… So, what people did he consider to be educated?   1. First of all, those that control unfortunate situations instead of being
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Facts about the Ancient Greeks

  Facts about the Ancient Greeks   Poems sang by bards were the books and newspapers of the day.   Ancient Greeks did not eat tomatoes, potatoes, oranges and lemons since these were unknown at that time.   Men of ancient Athens rivaled each other in the excellence of their beards. Beard trimming became an
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Temple of Poseidon

My first year in Greece, I visited so many archaeological sites that the memories now blur into one. However one moment survived. My first time visiting the Temple of Poseidon I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on an old man. He was a tourist fulfilling his life dream of visiting Greece. He was  begging a guard
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The Experience

  Note: I published The Experience exactly 3 years ago today. June 1, 2011: On the train, only one thing was out of place. The love struck teenagers who were annoyed by an unseasonal flood-inducing storm that drove them away from the serenity of the beaches. As I exited the train and made my way
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