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Mellissa is a U.S. expat residing in Athens, Greece, where she integrates her love for philosophy and mythology into her professional life as a screenwriter.

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Day 7: The Blue of Greece

Day 7 The Blue of Greece This morning when I pulled back the curtains and opened my balcony doors, I squinted up at the Geraneia Mountain and couldn’t believe it. The clouds were finally gone and the sky was clearly blue.   Ancient Blue The Ancient Greeks didn’t have a word for blue. When they
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Reflections of Archaeology

Last year I discovered a course in archaeology, taught by Sue Alcock at Brown University. It’s free to the public via Coursera. For me, the timing was perfect. The characters in one of my projects have their lives disrupted by an archaeological mystery so knowledge of archaeology is a must. One of the things that
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The Acropolis

  After exiting the Acropoli metro and taking the long way around Dionysiou Areopagitou Street I head toward the cafes in Thissio to settle in for a round of writing. I overhear something. A tiny but fierce-eyed Greek woman is walking with her friend, carrying herbs presumingly picked at the Pnyx Hill. She points up
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Day 6: First Thunderstorm of 2014

Day 6 First Thunderstorm of 2014   In fear of sounding like a weather reporter, but knowing there are many out there who appreciate a good storm, here are some pictures of this years first thunderstorm (well, at least here in the Loutraki/Corinth area). Enjoy! The storm was approaching just as the sun was setting.
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Day 5: Painting the Sky

    Day 5 Painting the Sky Perhaps this is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen Greece. Just moments after sunset, I glanced up at the Geraeia mountain range and saw these gorgeous yet surreal clouds. It was as if somebody had thrown paint into the air, taken a giant paintbrush
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Day 4: Dogs in Greece

  Day 4 Atlitis This is something I want to keep in my mind forever. I was returning home from an early morning walk.  I reached my street just as the sun was rising and immediately fell in love with the way the light was streaming through the humid atmosphere. Suddenly Atlitis, a free-spirited  stray
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Day 3: Looking Through the Clouds

Day 3: Looking through the Clouds In all honesty, it was hard to find something positive in the world yesterday. Everybody was in a bad mood – electricity bills had arrived; the astronomical tax was a stern reminder of the economic crisis. One of the reasons we don’t turn our heat on. We keep the
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Day 2: After the Rain

Day 2 After the Rain The sun momentarily peeked from behind a cloud. As I squinted and looked down, I found art in the grass, jasmine, and drenched lemon trees.

Day 1: Little Bird

Day 1 A Little Bird The sea was calm before the meltemi winds picked up. While running errands, I noticed this adorable bird. Two hours later and he was still in the same place, chirping away while observing the fishing boats.


  Rain Isn’t it funny that when it rains, we run for shelter. I didn’t realize how much I was missing until I ventured out. It seemed to me that nature was enjoying the downpour. A pigeon perched on a statue, a cat sitting on the sidewalk, watching rain drops fall into the sea. So
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  The Birth of Zeus Cronos, leader of the Titans, was scared of only one thing: Gia’s prophecy that he would sire a child who would surpass him in power. But Cronos had a solution. Every time his wife Rhea gave birth, he forced her to hand over the baby. He then swallowed it whole.
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* I’ve always wanted to see the Epiphany celebration. But all I had was a place, date and faint memory of asking what time the ceremony took place and somebody dramatically rolling their eyes to the sky and nearly crying “Early! Very early!” I decided to walk the two miles across town before sunrise. The
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