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Mellissa is a U.S. expat residing in Athens, Greece, where she integrates her love for philosophy and mythology into her professional life as a screenwriter.

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Life Under the Sea

To do nothing is also a good remedy – Hippocrates Sometimes, a perfect start to a week is to get up early and slow your mind. In the early morning, right before the heat became unbearable and there was a breeze blowing over the Corinthian Gulf, I walked down to the small Loutraki port to
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Honey Moon

Last night was the rise and this morning was the setting of the Honey Moon. It’s been over a hundred years since a human has laid eyes on this extra-beautiful phenomenon. Here in Greece there was a small window of opportunity to see this amber beauty,  as full phase was at 12:13am in Eastern North
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Poppies have a very short life span so I can’t bring myself to pick them. If my love for Greece were a painting, it would be a painting that manifested every May 1st. As I write this, I sit on my balcony. The sun is lowering and a waxing crescent moon appears overhead. All day,
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Day 12: The Secret of Purple

Day 12 The Secret of Purple Snails After the storms, snails began to creep out of nearby farms and slither across sidewalks and roads. As I was jogging, I jumped over them like Jack Nicholson’s obsessive compulsive character avoiding sidewalk cracks in As Good as It Gets. It was around then I began to wonder,
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Day 11: Storms of Greece

Day 11 Storms of Greece Back in my home state of New Jersey, I grew up with some powerful thunderstorms. As a child I loved when a menacing cloud appeared overhead and there was a mad rush to bring everything inside, gather three roaming house cats and shut the windows. Now in Greece, the experience
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A Lesson Learned on Easter

I decided to be brave and host a Greek Easter celebration. However I must confess selfish motives, I was searching for a deeper understanding of Modern Greek culture and even more, I was on a quest to open my heart to love. What better place to understand love than in Greece? As I greeted my
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Day 10: Lost in Translation

Day:10 Lost in Translation   Today is Good Friday and I am lost in translation. Being lost in translation is like being deaf. You rely heavily on instinct. But no language is needed to understand that tonight is solemn. Much like my conflicted heart, the Mediterranean sky couldn’t make up its mind as the clouds
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Day 9: It’s Time to Stop Giving Up.

I was letting this whole Every Positive Moment idea evaporate. I thought it was too cliché and perhaps a bit silly. But last night I received an email from a stranger thanking me for reminding her there are reasons to live. Such a statement may seem extreme to some, however since the economic crisis  “Thank you
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Calm Before an Earthquake

A few hours before a 5.7 undersea earthquake , I was at the beach taking pictures. I’ve always been fascinated by earthquakes. There are many historical references to powerful earthquakes in Ancient Greece. Some even triggered tsunamis. When on a boat heading for an island or in Loutraki gazing  over the Corinthian Gulf, I always
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Day 8: Oasis

Day 8 Oasis Between the many buildings and taverns on the Loutraki coastline there is an overlooked piece of land guarded by a lone gate. I must have passed it hundreds of times, however something caught my dogs attention and dogs know best. As I tentatively stepped over the remains of a stone wall I
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Life After Death

I was in bed with the flu, listening to a lullaby of raindrops and nightingales while staring out the window watching moon lit clouds glide over the mountain top. But the sound of screeching tires  and a frantic yelp of pain shattered the ambient night. There was a moment of stunned silence before all the
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Apokries 2014

The Apokries is a three week celebration to Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. It is the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring; it is the renewal of life. Early morning in Loutraki, before the parade. Clowns, everywhere. People begin to gather in the center of Loutraki. The Parade Begins. The parade comes
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