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Mellissa is a U.S. expat residing in Athens, Greece, where she integrates her love for philosophy and mythology into her professional life as a screenwriter.

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Video of the Supermoon

Looking from the Loutraki coastline toward Corinth, here is a video of the July 2014 Supermoon. This was shot about 20 minutes before sunrise, just as the moon was beginning to set.

Perception of a Storm

Today’s Tuesday Perspective is for the unseasonable storm that swept over the area, chilling the air and chasing away the beachgoers. I didn’t mind. It was a welcomed break from the heat and honestly, I’m always looking for an excuse to cuddle into a sweater.   Water is the perfect expression. Calm is a windless
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Trees of Athens

Today’s Monday Zen is a tribute for the trees of Athens and the plant life that thrives around her ancient sites. In such a busy city, the rich smell of pine and cypress with the sound of wind rustling through olive trees is an oasis. In the background is the Pnyx Hill, the very spot where democracy
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Supermoon 2014

After 48 hours of chasing the moon, my mission is complete! From Friday’s amazing moonlit night to last night’s supermoon rising all the way to this morning’s sunrise.   View from my rooftop in Loutraki looking towards Athens. The supermoon rose moments after sunset. ◊  Early this morning, around 5:30 am. Viewed from the Loutraki coastline, the supermoon
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Moonlit Night

All of Loutraki seemed awake last night.  Families with their children, old men proudly linked  arms with their wives who smiled into the moonlit wind as they strolled the promenade. At the cafes, friends gathered in groups while a lone hardened faced man slowly drank his whisky,  gazing over the moonlit waves, lost in his private universe. Tourist
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The Land Beyond

I love and respect lesser-known archaeological sites and write often about Perachora, which in Greek means the land beyond. Perachora is one of Greece’s best kept secrets. Her few visitors are either on some archaeological quest or have personal attachment to the site. As is my case. So intense is my love for this site that I
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Modern Life in an Ancient City

Back in Athens, when I  close my eyes and approach the threshold of dreams my last thoughts are always the same: This is incredible. I am falling asleep in an ancient city. Before my building was here, who and what was here? Who were the families and what were their stories? I suspect that my neighborhood, clogged with pollution-stained concrete
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Peaceful Waters

  Looking into the peaceful waters of the Corinthian Gulf, it was a quiet morning. Here are some shots of little wavelets and one of the boats that journeyed across the Corinthian Gulf.  


For today’s Tuesday perspective I’d like to venture outside my box. Let’s talk about things we cannot see but are searching for. God. Too often, I tend to forget that I live close to an area that is immensely holy to so many. Around April and May there are many interesting groups of tourist arriving  from all over
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Journey over the Corinthian Gulf

The weekend is over so lets begin our week with a small journey over the Corinthian Gulf. Early this morning, the Corinthian Gulf was incredibly peaceful. A few early birds were up fishing while boats sailed toward Modern Corinth. Most likely these boats were preparing to squeeze through the Corinthian Canal before embarking on a journey to one
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Wisp of Wind

This video was shot a few days ago, looking over the Corinthian Gulf from the Loutraki coastline. Wisp of wind began to blow across the gulf causing a beautiful and memorizing effect over the water.    


Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. – Epicurus Perspective is a funny, funny thing. We feel so “big” in our thoughts while rushing  through everyday responsibilities. The only view of life we have is
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