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Mellissa is a U.S. expat residing in Athens, Greece, where she integrates her love for philosophy and mythology into her professional life as a screenwriter.

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After Sunset

Last week, strong winds blew over the Corinthian Gulf creating powerful, gorgeous waves. These are the winds we all hope for during summer months, especially to break the spell of a heatwave. While taking pictures, I thought it would be fun to also film the local atmosphere after sunset. Enjoy!      

The Observing Crab

Adding to our vault of Tuesday Perspective, this is for the observing crab I saw yesterday. Lingering on the rocks and enjoying his meal. He briefly glanced up at me. I was afraid he’d scamper off. But if crabs have facial expressions, then his was that of  amusement.  After his meal, he just sat there and stared out
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King of the Sea

Life in a small coastal town is a test of discipline. The forest air that blows from the Geraneia mountain and swirls over the Corinthian Gulf before settling over the coastline is constant meditation. It’s easy to understand why the Greeks make a run for the cafes. If not for caffeine, one might fall into a slumber only to wake
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When the Water is too Deep

The water was clear with wavelets. Heads bobbed up and down in the sea. Some were groups of friends, some were old men shouting political jokes at one another. Others were Yia Yia’s exchanging gossip and recipes while treading water. And then there was me. I was very annoyed because when I gazed over the water, there
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August Supermoon

After an awkward fight with humidity and a broken tripod,  I was feeling ready enough to call it in a night and sleep through the August Supermoon. To be fair, the tripod is from the early 90’s and salvaged from an Athenian dumpster and then gifted to me. Truly it was the best gift anybody has ever
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Remembering Athena

In Greece, there is a running theme. When I’m talking to people the question always seems to come up: which god or goddess are you? While on the train or bus, I silently play this game. I’ll look at somebody and guess if they are a Zeus or an Aphrodite. I’ve always felt my god is Apollo, but lately
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One cannot simply schedule daydreams. They drift, embrace and stay for a while. It was a humid morning and I was returning from the farmers market, my hands weighed down by the bags. I was feeling extremely thankful for these local treasures, it is difficult to find food of this quality back in New Jersey. Suddenly my mind drifted
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Video of the Corinthian Canal

Continuing on with our theme of the Corinthian Canal, here is a video I shot yesterday. As you’ll see, the footage gets wobbly, especially at the end. Almost looks like an earthquake is taking place! However, it’s the bridge shaking from nearby traffic. Was it scary standing up there? Not really. It was rather peaceful – almost magical – gazing down
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Corinthian Canal

For Tuesday’s perspective let’s stand on a bridge and gaze down into the waters of the Corinthian Canal. It was an adventure getting there. I was busy standing at the back of a bus giggling because my assigned seat number was 50 and there was only 49 seats. It was around then I realized I was on the wrong bus. But it
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Ancient Staircase

◊ For today’s Zen, let us roam into the lesser-known. Often overlooked by tourist and locals alike, there are treasures hidden in the small forest of Thissio, Athens.  Looking closely, we can see an ancient staircase carved into rock. Now we find ourselves in an area where ancient and modern co-exist.  Looking toward the Nymphs’ Hill is
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Between Fear and Life

“You are too young to be going through this!”  My doctor throws my blood work on his desk and gestures me toward the examination table. But I am too shocked at what he just told me so I stare silently at a tiny replica of Hippocrates on a shelf behind this desk. “Come, Mellissa! We will fix this!” In
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Shimmering World

If one wishes to experience the energy of Greece, then one must simply stand in the sun and close their eyes.  But for today’s Monday Zen, let us stare into sunlight. Our shimmering world. Our light. Our universal  giver of life. The Helios of Greece.

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