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Mellissa is a U.S. expat residing in Athens, Greece, where she integrates her love for philosophy and mythology into her professional life as a screenwriter.

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Sahara Over Greece

Every so often, dust from the Sahara blows across the Mediterranean and envelops the Southern Greek islands and sometimes reaches the Greek mainland…such was the case on February 1st. I’ve always had this unexplainable fascination with Africa. I stepped outside and found myself in this silver-glowing world, tiny elements of Africa swirling all around.  The
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Epiphany 2015

  Early morning, before sunrise. Moonset over the Corinthian Gulf, just as the first light of the day strikes the mountains. Thirty six degrees Fahrenheit and two degrees Celsius, I walked down the promenade and shivered against the wind. Distant mountains were capped white from last nights storm. The cold stung the air and froze
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  2014 has journeyed to an end so here are photos of its last days; the elements were raging as snow and dangerous winds swept over Greece – but as we know, it is when the Earth is showing her power she is most beautiful. The Ancient Greeks would have interpreted these as omens. Of what, I truly wish
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The Acropolis: Then and Now

These are some of the worlds first photographs contributing to the Greek archaeological record. Let us go on a quest,tracing in the footsteps of these pioneering photographers, and compare then to now. Trying to pinpoint the exact location of each photograph was a challenge – with respect to the original photographer I did my best
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Remembering Delphi

  The Journey to Then There is a quiet relief on escaping the consistent rumble of motor bikes and plethora of Athenian footsteps on marble sidewalks dodging the out of beat, slowly dreamy-eyed tourist. The road is empty and continuous, the windows in the car is open. From the corner of my eye is a
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September Supermoon

As thunderstorms passed through the area, I wasn’t very optimistic about getting a shot of the rising September supermoon.

Harvest Moon

As September 9th approaches, the third and last of our Summer Supermoons will rise.


If you have a wounded heart, touch it as little as you would an injured eye. There are only two remedies for the suffering of the soul: hope and patience – Pythagoras ◊ Whatever you focus on is what you get. But what if thoughts are chaotic? It was a cold morning, as the first
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Autumn Rain

It was around sunrise when beautiful clouds began to gather, bringing in the first Autumn rain.


Athenians and tourist are packing their bags and returning home. Loutraki is slowly emptying of traffic and as the crowds dwindle, local faces reappear.

Cosmic Triangle

On the morning of August 18th, two of the brightest planets in our night sky came together in a brilliant conjunction. Timing the exact rise of planets can be a challenge in mountainous areas. So I woke up early, went upstairs to the terrace and sleepily gazed at the stars. As everybody knows, when you are waiting for
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Child Spirit

While sitting here at my desk and pondering over today’s Monday Zen, a philosophical muse must have been riding the northwest winds and noticed my open window. She had much to say. Today is for the child spirit. How we originally came into this world, in all our curiosity and pureness. I am not a mother
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