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Mellissa is a U.S. expat residing in Athens, Greece, where she integrates her love for philosophy and mythology into her professional life as a screenwriter.

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A Conversation with the Gods: Artemis

  In the grace of wilderness, Artemis loved solitude but when called on had the temperament of Ares; her arrows swift and precise. Goddess of the hunt, protectress of the vulnerable, she rebelled against the norms, demanded respect and set the rules. Somebody had to do it. No Time to be a Child First born
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A Conversation with the Gods: Hades

  As adopted as I felt, I was now without a father. I watched as the coffin closed. But he was not gone; I knew it in a dream. He walked through the door wearing a raincoat and said: “Why is everybody crying? Don’t cry.” ◊ ◊ Hades The darkness of night, the shadow of
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A Conversation with the Gods: Aphrodite

For the Souls in Search Sometimes I see a man undone. Haunted by past and trapped in present, he is searching for somebody and somebody is searching for him. Some say love is the scarcely ventured road. At the crossroads the lovers will meet, usually in a desert, exhausted after crossing over treacherous mountains and
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A Conversation with the Gods: Apollo

Sing to me, oh Muse… We can’t see it, but we can feel it. Traveling the dark, quiet back roads of Greece – up in the mountains with the windows open, under all the stars of the Milky Way and the sea below. If words can’t be articulated and songs can’t be sung and hurt overwhelms the
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A Conversation with the Gods: Athena

◊ The Birth of a Goddess Zeus had a secret. Before his marriage to Hera, he had a wife named Metis. But a rumor spread that she would give birth to a child – a child so wise and overbearing in spirit, who was destined to surpass Zeus in power. Zeus did what his father had
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Life under Capital Control

Our world has arrived at the point where bankers and creditors say out loud what we already knew they were thinking: “Nobody is guaranteed their life. If you are too sick or weak to work off debt, it is only right that you starve to death. The democratic vote of a population is irrelevant. And
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A Conversation with the Gods: Poseidon

  ◊ A great divide has manifested, literally overnight. History is obviously in love with repeating herself. Last night I was at the Loutraki port watching the sea under moonlight and suddenly I began to cry. Later, it occurred to me that this is a new pattern of late. Since capital control was announced in
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A Conversation with the Gods: Ares

◊ ◊ The Return of Ares © Mellissa Briley Apollo’s light breaks through the ground let them speak, these stories of old. Marble sinks, weeds grow. Pottery breaks, wisdom folds. Athena is shaking Home is fading but I’m not leaving until these war drums stop beating. Poseidon’s scream rises from the ground. A tidal wave
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A Conversation with the Gods: Zeus

* Introduction I do wish I could worship the Ancient Gods. However, my brain rebels against my heart – or more likely it’s modern world vs romanticism with the ancient realm. But with that said, if reincarnation is real and paths are open to choice, then I would very much like to not go forward,
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Beautiful Energy

The Hurt We’ve all been there. You’re hurting so bad, your heart so broken. Thoughts are a whirlwind and nothing makes sense. But there’s always a place – a private place for each and everyone of us. Maybe it’s the ocean or an open field. A childhood tree house or temple or church. Or even
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Revival of the Ancient War Spirit

* Welcome to Greece Years are long since gone and events now blur into one, but once upon a time on a clear weathered day, I opened my balcony doors and stepped out to light a cigarette and from that moment nothing was ever the same. The blast from flash grenades reverberated off concrete buildings
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My dear readers, I should be writing for you about the economical crisis; there’s much to share. I will publish all those thoughts within the next few days – but first let us take a moment to breathe and center – a moment of appreciation is in order.     A half hour after sunset, last light
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