A Conversation with the Gods: Apollo

Apollo's Light

Sing to me, oh Muse…

We can’t see it, but we can feel it.

Traveling the dark, quiet back roads of Greece – up in the mountains with the windows open, under all the stars of the Milky Way and the sea below.

If words can’t be articulated and songs can’t be sung and hurt overwhelms the body and the future seems uncertain – Apollo would beg to differ.

Deep in private thought. Apollo and the Muses are in the air – guiding and sorting through as many thoughts as there are leaves on the olive and cypress trees.

In this realm of glorious, agonizing loneliness; we begin to understand ourselves.


The Wrath of Betrayal

Zeus’ affair with Leto resulted in pregnancy with twins, and when his wife Hera found out, she was furious.

Where ever Leto roamed, disaster would follow. Hera forbade Leto from giving birth on Earth and any god from helping her. As Leto roamed the world in labor, searching for safety, a lone fisherman took pity on her and offered his fishing boat.

Leto began the lonely journey out to sea.

The island of Delos, Carl Anton Joseph Rottmann,1847.

The Island that Fell from the Sky

Zeus watched nervously.

He was certain his unborn twins would make a positive impact in the world, but feared for their lives. He turned to his brother Poseidon for help.

Poseidon said: “You command the sky and I the sea. What we need is a falling star.”

A distant asteroid was floating through time and space when suddenly Earth’s gravitational pull lured it into the atmosphere. As the asteroid descended and before it crashed into the sea, Poseidon captured and secured it with chains on the seabed.

The asteroid – now an island – curiously took in this new life among exotic waters.

The Greatest Fear

As Leto reached the island, exhausted and crying, a beautiful woman appeared before her.

She would be happy to help. However, she heard the terrible rumors about Hera’s wrath.

She feared the moment the divine twins manifested into the world, they would take one look at her barren, rocky land and turn her over with their feet and thrust her down to the seabed and water would wash above her forever.

But Leto assured her that any help would not be forgotten.


The Birth of Divine Twins

Leto bared down on a palm tree and gave birth to Artemis and Apollo. Hera fumed, but there was nothing she could do. Apollo and Artemis had been born on neither land or sea.

Flowers and vegetation flourished over the island. Temples would be built, and forever this island would be one of the most sacred and historic islands in all of Greece: Delos.


Only Truth

No matter if it was a public testimony or personal inquiry; no matter how unnerving or delightful the response; Apollo thoroughly spoke truth.

But it goes deeper…the famous know thyself, and nothing in excess…these were the Delphic Maxims inscribed at Delphi, but what it is not widely known is that there was a total of 147 maxims…. pursue honor, act when you know, just to name a few.

Apollo reminds us to be true to ourselves.


Leader of the Muses, Apollo taught the realm healing, but also encouraged creation, music, documentation, and even speech to express everything that came even before the Ancient Greeks time.

Apollo links us to our souls, and reveals the past and future. He awakens sleeping memory while challenging us to give voice to unknown, unsaid depth.

Apollo’s healing, phenomenal. The Muses, celestial.

And these are the  midnight thoughts scattered over millions of olive, pine, and cypress leaves.

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