Life under Capital Control

Our world has arrived at the point where bankers and creditors say out loud what we already knew they were thinking: “Nobody is guaranteed their life. If you are too sick or weak to work off debt, it is only right that you starve to death. The democratic vote of a population is irrelevant. And though most of the debt has been payed off, you will continue to accept more loans to pay off more interest. Your government must consult with us on all drafted legislation before submitting it for public consultation or to the Parliament. Your assets, heritage, land are no longer yours and we will set the price and decide on the buyer.”

Living in Greece is living in a country during war time, except there are no bombs falling on your head.

The brain cannot distinguish between mental and physical assault – but the scars are the same. If we could see the minds of the Greeks, we would see a battered people.

Physically, psychologically, and spiritually; people are dying.

Life under Capital Control

  • Medical exams are postponed.
  • Stocking up on medicine is priority.
  • One does not look in their closet and roll their eyes at having nothing to wear – everything is now appreciated, mended, and cared for.
  • Every moment is experienced in the present. There is no time for lingering in the past, for the past is no longer relevant.
  • Little pleasures in life diminish one by one as all transactions out of Greece are forbidden.
  • International services are cut off.
  • There is a daily limit of 60 Euro withdrawal from the ATM, but in reality it is 50 Euro, as 20 Euro bank notes are quick to run out.
  • Meals are carefully thought out (Note: as I wrote this, there were fears of disruption in food supplies, but I can say supermarkets are well stocked.)
  • Losing weight is now a concern.
  • Elderly neighbors are checked on many times a day and we listen carefully as they share survival tips – they have seen war. 
  • Children and babies are always loved, but now their very existence brings a powerful light to us; their innocence is our sanity. The needs of children are protected at all cost.
  • You hold money in your hand and you look at it, coin by coin, and you understand that the world can do much, much better than this.

And through this all, not once have I heard anybody complain.

Every conversation begins with “Are you ok today?”

Burst of Light


What is Next

My carefully tamed and rebellious heart alongside the fury of my Irish blood can only be soothed with daydreams of Spartans rising from the soil of Thermopylae and wrecking blood lust havoc – but this is the modern world and raw rage will not win this battle.

What is needed is Warriors of Intellect and this my friends, is where we lift up our shields and turn our eyes toward the Parthenon; this is where we call upon Athena.

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