A Conversation with the Gods: Poseidon


A great divide has manifested, literally overnight. History is obviously in love with repeating herself.

Last night I was at the Loutraki port watching the sea under moonlight and suddenly I began to cry. Later, it occurred to me that this is a new pattern of late. Since capital control was announced in Greece, everyone is having a “meltdown” once a day.

It is said water holds memory, and if this is true – then let’s take a deep breath and dive deep. For in the water are echoes of Poseidon and we need him more than ever.

The Rage of Poseidon

Our world is 96.5 percent water; the human body about 65 percent water. In Poseidon’s realm, he held us together.

Poseidon was an unpredictable God. To anybody who has ever experienced the suddenness of a strong earthquake or has sailed turbulent waters – you know to respect the elements. This is the ever changing moods of Poseidon. Too much water we drown, not enough we die.

Poseidon had a kind heart. He was sensitive but also temperamental and caused destruction at half the blink of an eye. He was not a forgiving God. 

The Intervention of a Sea Nymph

One day Poseidon woke up overwhelmingly lonely. As he struck the sea with his trident, the Mediterranean waters became so turbulent that waves reached the heavens.

Zeus appeared infront of his brother and asked what was wrong. Poseidon paused, took a deep breath and said: “I think I need a wife” before continuing with his lashing at the sea.

Zeus pleaded his brother to find a wife and please, bring calm back to the water.

Poseidon continued on with his rage until the silhouettes of three dancing sea nymphs on the island of Naxos, caught his eye. As he moved closer, he saw Amphitrite. The sea began to calm.

Poseidon approached Amphitrite and promptly purposed marriage.

And without hesitation, Amphitrites promptly said no. She disliked his temper.

Storm clouds began to manifest as Poseidon returned to the water. This time, so terrible was his anger that the sky was in danger of becoming sea, turning the whole world upside down.

Amphitrites’ friends turned to her, concerned. She told them not to worry, she would hide.

The Return of Balance

Dolphins, the most loyal and trusted of Poseidon’s friends.

Poseidon pleaded with a dolphin to convince Amphitrite that he was not that ill-tempered and to marry him.

After searching for days, the dolphin found Amphitrite weeping on the coast of Atlas in Africa.

There the dolphin said “I assure you, he is overtaken by love and is there anything more gentle than that? Energies will balance and tranquility will return to the waters. Open your heart, give him a chance.”

As the dolphin brought Amphitrite to Poseidon, the waves calmed and the sky cleared and they married. Grateful, Poseidon looked up at the night sky and a constellation appeared in the shape of a dolphin.

But was Amphitrite happy? Only the water knows.

And finally I stopped crying. I stood up, straightened my back, and to my alarm a couple of people were looking at me. In silent understanding, they smiled and nodded and I smiled back.

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