A Conversation with the Gods: Zeus



I do wish I could worship the Ancient Gods. However, my brain rebels against my heart – or more likely it’s modern world vs romanticism with the ancient realm. But with that said, if reincarnation is real and paths are open to choice, then I would very much like to not go forward, but backward in time.

As a priestess wearing white robes, maybe my hair held up by flowers. Burning laurel leaves at Epidaurus and interpreting dreams. Helping souls in need, organizing sense of chaos. Neutral in politics, indifferent to race.

But a step closer is a conversation with Gods and Goddesses, for each and everyone of them represent the human psyche on the deepest level. So, if intuition should speak true, then let us open a dialog with the Gods of past.

Tonight a crescent Moon will set over the Corinthian Gulf, conjuncting with Venus (Aphrodite) and Jupiter (Zeus). And if a Muse would be so kind, may she guide us to Olympian beginnings.

May we start with Zeus, God of Gods.


A Conversation with the Gods: Zeus

Zeus had issues with his father, something many of us can relate to. Looking through his story, the dark side of families is revealed. Cycles and patterns we are born into, generation after generation of repeated mistakes and inhibited thinking. And how we overcome, find our voice and utilize the internal light we are born into, and with.




The Right to Survive

Long before the existence of mankind, Kronos, leader of the Titans, feared a prophecy that one day, one of his sons would overthrow him in power.

Kronos demanded that his wife Rhea hand over every child she birthed. He would then swallow them whole, suppressing their existence in his belly.

This pained Rhea who desperately wanted her children to live. But she found her courage. After giving birth to Zeus, she wrapped a rock in cloth and handed it to Kronos, who swallowed it whole.

She hid Zeus on the island of Crete. Some say he was put in a cave, other myths insist Zeus was placed in a cradle, suspending him between Earth, sea and sky thus making him invisible to his father. There, a golden dog circled the cradle protectively, snarling at approaching wolves while a nymph nursed him.

And as Zeus was secretly raised, he stared up at the stars as he patiently plotted.



The Uprising of Gods

When he was old enough, he rescued his siblings (by tricking his father) and led them and divine allies in rebellion against the Titans: the Titanomachy.

Moments before the first battle, Zeus looked up and saw an eagle circling above. He interrupted this as a positive omen. With that, he let out a thunderous war cry that was echoed by the divine army. They charged the terrifying enemy.

The battle was long and difficult.

But together they defeated the enemy and succeeded in bringing peace to a world of violence. After the war, Zeus shared the world with his brothers. Poseidon took the waters. Hades took the underworld. And Zeus became the sky dweller, the cloud gatherer, The Olympian, father of Gods and Father of Men. He created the Pantheon of the Twelve Gods of Olympus. He sat on his throne, with an eagle perched on his shoulder, and astutely oversaw the conduct of all civilized life.

The Eagle became a symbol of strength, courage, and justice.

Zeus with his lightning and eagle.


The Wrath of Zeus

Evoking the anger of Zeus, a man stole a golden statue of a dog from Crete – a golden statue that was a tribute to the dog who guarded Zeus as a baby. Zeus turned the thief to stone while a priest retrieved the statue and returned it to its rightful place.

Strange weather was swarming the Greek inland. Flowers and trees were dying. After sending his eagle to investigate, Zeus discovered the Telchines, small evil magicians, spinning magic on a nearby island. Zeus sunk the island and flowers and trees returned to the inland.

King Salmoneus, a conceited King, liked to impersonate Zeus, would ride a chariot while ordering his servants to imitate thunder by striking drums. Citizens where force to bow in worship. A lightening bolt shot from a clear blue sky, striking Salmones dead.


The Place Zeus Loved Best

Far out in Epirus, where the land is pure and geography speaking, much of what we see today, is similar to that of Ancient Greece.

Nestled deep in the vast forest and surrounded by mountains is Dodona, where it was said the first prophetic utterances of the world took place. Zeus loved these people, they were content with simplicity and believed deeply in the power of truth. They would even listen to a rock or an oak, provided it only spoke true.

Over time a temple and theater was dedicated to him. Seeking omens, Priestesses would walk barefoot and listen to the rustle of leaves and observe the flight of birds overhead.

And then came a prophecy: one of Zeus’ own children would surpass him in power.


Turbulent Lust

Weakness or flaw or human nature? Much to the dismay (and often wrath) of his wife Hera, Zeus had a free spirited, almost teenaged-boy-like wandering eye; beautiful women was his turbulent weakness.

His choices in affairs were often dangerous, yet caused a chain reaction and enriched the realm with new nymphs, gods, and goddesses. If we should open our minds and read between words, there is much to learn.

Naming a few:

Mnemosyne, the Goddess of Memory was seduced by Zeus. He lay with her for nine nights and she bore the nine Muses, who shared their knowledge of ancient past with musicians, poets, historians, and so many more.

Asteria, a Titan Goddess, was relentlessly pursued by Zeus. In desperation, she leapt from sky and transformed into the island of Delos.

Zeus fell in love Leto, another Titan Goddess. While pregnant with his children, she frantically ran from Hera’s wrath and searched the world for a safe place to give birth. She finally gave birth to Apollo and Artemis, on the island of Delos.

Like father, like son? Metis, the Goddess of Good Counsel, was impregnated by Zeus. This however was a prophecy: Metis was destined to birth a son who would overthrow Zeus in power. As his father had done, Zeus swallowed Metis whole. And later, Zeus was hit by a terrible headache.

Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, burst out of his head fully grown and armored, spear in hand and shouted a war cry, daring all to challenge her. Zeus immediately loved her and she became his favorite child.

Inhibited thinking and generation after generation of repeated mistakes had come undone. 


And nowa crescent Moon conjuncting with Venus (Aphrodite) and Jupiter (Zeus), sets over the Corinthian Gulf. 

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