My dear readers, I should be writing for you about the economical crisis; there’s much to share. I will publish all those thoughts within the next few days – but first let us take a moment to breathe and center – a moment of appreciation is in order.



A half hour after sunset, last light of the day lingers behind the sun. Snow can still be seen in the mountains; local fishermen are still hard at work.

And finally, nightfallen. Venus and Mars appeared in the young night sky, lingering brightly above the Moon.

As the night darkens, the Moon, Venus, and Mars begin to slowly set.

But first, the Moon reflected Earthshine into the waters of the Corinthian Gulf.

Then slowly vanished behind the silhouette of mountains, but not before casting a golden glow. 


Night has fallen, Athena’s owls are singing from the branches of eucalyptus trees.

We are left with a night full of stars and countless mysteries. The Muses will be out, leaving us to contemplate all the Universe’s possibilities.




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