Sahara Over Greece

Sahara over Greece

Every so often, dust from the Sahara blows across the Mediterranean and envelops the Southern Greek islands and sometimes reaches the Greek mainland…such was the case on February 1st.

I’ve always had this unexplainable fascination with Africa.

I stepped outside and found myself in this silver-glowing world, tiny elements of Africa swirling all around.

 The Ancient Greeks must have been used to this phenomenon. I wonder, what was their explanation? Did they link this to an ancient Greek deity? Or have an epic tale? Perhaps such stories can be deciphered on pot shards or clay tablets, laying deep beneath the soil of Greece, waiting patiently for the hands of archaeologist. 


Now, we are looking at Modern Corinth from Loutraki Beach, the small mountain in the distance is the Acrocorinth, which was the acropolis of Ancient Corinth.

Witnessing the Sahara over Greece is truly a wonder. 

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