2014 has journeyed to an end so here are photos of its last days; the elements were raging as snow and dangerous winds swept over Greece – but as we know, it is when the Earth is showing her power she is most beautiful.

The Ancient Greeks would have interpreted these as omens. Of what, I truly wish I knew. There are countless theories.

But let us take a look and let our hearts be the judge.


December 31, 2014

While it was snowing in the mountains, a cloud that looked like a Phoenix swooped over the Corinthian Gulf and then over the coastal town of Loutraki.


The entire Corinthian area became engulfed in a fog, Modern Corinth slowly faded as the mountains were rendered invisible. Loutraki began to blur.


Engulfed in a mist – many ancient cultures believed this phenomenon to be the spirits of those who drowned at sea, approaching the land in greeting. To me it looked like an otherworldly dance – a celebration of space and time.

 And as for the rest of the night, it was difficult to see. That night and  next morning the winds reached up to 150 km (93 mph) and though much of the mist was gone, the winds still screamed.


January 1st, 2015

 Snowfall in the mountains over Modern Corinth.


Looking above Loutraki and at the Gerania Mountain range.

A cross high up in the Gerania. And looking toward the Acrocorinth where archeology was covered in snow.

Seagulls group up and brave the winds while a rainbow manifest over Perachora –

– and over the small port of Loutraki where a bird soared to the end of a rainbow.

And slowly the return of blue – the first blue sky of a New Year.

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