Harvest Moon

As September 9th approaches, the third and last of our Summer Supermoons will rise.

However tonight is the Harvest Moon.

Looking toward Athens from Loutraki, the Harvest Moon rose at 7:30pm.

Illuminating the clouds as it climbed up the sky.


As I write this, it’s 11:30pm. I expect in the next few hours, it will be beautiful over the Corinthian Gulf- storm clouds are passing over head, but not enough to fully block out the nightsky.

Standby! As the night unfolds, I’ll post more photos of the Harvest Moon here. 🙂



Moonlit clouds at 3:30am.  Looking at the Corinthian Gulf and the Gerania Mountain.

6:30am to 7:00am. It began to rain, however the clouds parted just in time to catch the Harvest Moon setting behind the mountains.

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