Athenians and tourist are packing their bags and returning home.

Loutraki is slowly emptying of traffic and as the crowds dwindle, local faces reappear.

September SunriseFirst sunrise of September.

This morning, while in the kitchen making coffee, I glanced out the balcony door and gazed as deep as I could toward Athens. It is strange to think that behind this quiet realm of pine trees and magpies, there is a city out there – anxious and busy, with stories unfolding at every moment.

Gazing into the mountains

If I were brave I would stand at a bus stop every morning and ask every stranger passing by what do you hope for today? And as they returned, what was your day like?

Just think of all the experiences out there..

Routine settles in Loutraki.  There is a music school somewhere in town, repetitive notes of a piano echo off the mountain. I silently cheer the student on.

The air is cooling and the first clouds of Autumn rains are gathering. September has arrived, storms are coming, and all the dehydrated plants of the Mediterranean welcome them.

As do I.

First sunset of September.

2 Responses to “September

  • These have to be some of the most shots I have most admired of your site. So full of lifeblood. First sunrise, first sunset. Staggering beauty!

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