Child Spirit

While sitting here at my desk and pondering over today’s Monday Zen, a philosophical muse must have been riding the northwest winds and noticed my open window.

She had much to say.

Child spirit

Today is for the child spirit. How we originally came into this world, in all our curiosity and pureness.

I am not a mother – not by choice but by circumstance – so I direct all my maternal energy and instincts to the world around me. Whether it be animals, plants, or keeping company with those who suffer alone and feel abandoned by society’s perception of normal.

Obviously this is not the same as being a mother. Obviously one cannot save every bird that falls out of a tree and sometimes plants must be weeded out. Such realization deepens the void until I realize: I did try.

The world still spins, the sun still burns, my heart still aches. But who am I to be the judge of taker and giver of life?

Corinth Gulf

You and I – we are who we are – there is nobody else like me and there is nobody like you.

Our child spirit might be buried beneath layers of age and hidden under the shell of adulthood but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

When we look at a map – it’s the child spirit. When we take to the sea – it’s the child spirit. When we look up to the stars – it’s a hello to home.

If we should take a moment to look down at our hands then we see: the proof is there. The body is but a mere vessel, our soul a passenger on this Odyssey.

And this is our miracle.




6 Responses to “Child Spirit

  • <3 I hope to be one of those old ladies with purple hair and nikes.

  • ‘Feel abandoned by society’s perception of normal ‘…I love this. What a powerful way with words you have ! I will be reading more of what you write instead of just looking at your great photos !

  • Melissa you captured a bit of what we lost as children with your words, the innocence that still can move us if we choose to chase it. The mother in you…is evident in many of your posts. You capture fragility, yet strength. Great feminine spirit that is lost in today’s societal confusion. There is no normal…only perceptions and illusions.

    To be a vessel…is one of the toughest paths one can choose as a soul trapped in the decay.

    Thank you for your continuing thoughtful posts.

    • Thank you! It’s funny, it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about…the feminine spirit being lost and even criticized in today’s world. We need balance..
      Thank you again for your kind words. 🙂

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