The Observing Crab

Adding to our vault of Tuesday Perspective, this is for the observing crab I saw yesterday.

The Observing Crab

Lingering on the rocks and enjoying his meal.

He briefly glanced up at me. I was afraid he’d scamper off. But if crabs have facial expressions, then his was that of  amusement.

The Observing Crab

 After his meal, he just sat there and stared out into the Corinthian Gulf.

What is our world like through the spirit of this small creature – the one who graces both sea and land. Crabs may have poor eyesight, but they have an astonishing ability to detect vibration.

Perhaps he does not watch a sunset – he experiences it.

The Observing Crab

So I sat silently next to him.

Together, we experienced the sunset.



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