August Supermoon

After an awkward fight with humidity and a broken tripod,  I was feeling ready enough to call it in a night and sleep through the August Supermoon.

To be fair, the tripod is from the early 90’s and salvaged from an Athenian dumpster and then gifted to me.

Truly it was the best gift anybody has ever given me.

Attempt to capture the rising August supermoon through humidity.

Taken from my rooftop in Loutraki, looking toward Athens.

 Around 3:00am. Looking toward Modern Corinth, fields and sea drenched in moonlight.

The Sleepless Dream

Only one thing can get me up before sunrise:  anticipation of something beautiful happening out there, waiting to be immortalized in a picture and shared with the world.

After 40 minutes of sleep, I walked down to the beach, took a deep breath and made a small tripod out of rocks.

Sunrise was approaching and stars were vanishing. The moon was quickly fading and I had to move fast.

 Looking toward Modern Corinth from the Loutraki coastline.

Supermoon August 2014

Moonset over the Corinthian Gulf.

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