Remembering Athena

In Greece, there is a running theme. When I’m talking to people the question always seems to come up: which god or goddess are you?

While on the train or bus, I silently play this game. I’ll look at somebody and guess if they are a Zeus or an Aphrodite.

I’ve always felt my god is Apollo, but lately my thoughts have been with Athena. Protectress of the ancient city that still bares her name.

Lycabettus Hill

For Tuesday’s perspective, I’d like to take you on a journey to one of the most mysterious hills in Athens – the Lycabettus Hill.

Lycabettus Hill

It is impossible to miss. It dominates the Athenian skyline. Tourist often look at it in wonder, sadly without a clue.

Lycabettus Hill

There are many conflicting legends about this hill. However they all have one thing in common: while Athena was helping build the Acropolis, she dropped a rock and it landed in the middle of Athens, giving us Lycabettus Hill.

Lycabettus Hill

In Ancient Greece this hill was dominated by wolves.

At the hill’s summit was a magnificent statue of Zeus.

Now in its place is a chapel of Saint George.

Much of this hill’s history was lost in both circumstance and time.

But one cannot simply destroy or forget a small mountain – Athena, our goddess of wisdom is still here.

One Response to “Remembering Athena

  • I love posts like this. They deposit a little gem into the soul to remember the importance of god and goddesses…what it means to hold meaning in the earth, the things which we build from it and revel in the power to create from within.

    Thank you for your wisdom…and ponderance of such things.

    I appreciate it 🙂

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