One cannot simply schedule daydreams. They drift, embrace and stay for a while.

It was a humid morning and I was returning from the farmers market, my hands weighed down by the bags. I was feeling extremely thankful for these local treasures, it is difficult to find food of this quality back in New Jersey.

Suddenly my mind drifted into the realm of storytelling and when I returned to reality, I was surprised to find myself half way home.

Isn’t it amazing – the power of our thoughts and strength of our daydreams.

It was around then I  noticed a girl on the beach. She is a waitress and before starting her shift, she was staring into the water lost in her own thoughts.


Only she knows what she sees.

Waves approaching.

 Waves crashing.

The Sun begins to set.

 But before doing so, the wings of an angel appear in the sea.

The day ends, night begins.

One Response to “Daydreams

  • So beautiful…there is so much power in just the visions we create within. They are like small gateways into the impossible…you begin to see the power within more clearly.

    Thank you for the lovely thoughts…the importance of allowing such things.

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