Corinthian Canal

For Tuesday’s perspective let’s stand on a bridge and gaze down into the waters of the Corinthian Canal.

It was an adventure getting there.

I was busy standing at the back of a bus giggling because my assigned seat number was 50 and there was only 49 seats.

It was around then I realized I was on the wrong bus.

But it was too late.

Caught between excitement of going somewhere new and anxiety of having no idea where I was going, I pleaded with the bus driver to stop. With my elementary Greek and his three words of English, we figured out a plan. He kindly dropped me off  in the middle of a  parking lot – the closest he could get me to the Corinthian Canal.

It was only a brief walk up the road.

I reached the bridge and carefully stepped on the walkway until I was standing directly over the Corinthian Canal.


An eucalyptus tree thrives on the canal’s wall.  Looking further down flower petals fall into the water.

Approaching boats sailing in from the Gulf of Corinth.

Nearing the exit point, where they will sail out to the Aegean Sea.

And I believe this will be appreciated.  Graffiti with various dates, scratched into the railing.

Looking down

I wish this photograph wasn’t so blurry, however it is for a boy who was waving up and got excited when me and a handful of tourist waved back.



Who knows? Maybe one day he’ll see it. <3

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