Ancient Staircase

For today’s Zen, let us roam into the lesser-known.

Often overlooked by tourist and locals alike, there are treasures hidden in the small forest of Thissio, Athens. 

Ancient Steps

Looking closely, we can see an ancient staircase carved into rock.

Sacred Ground

Now we find ourselves in an area where ancient and modern co-exist. 

Looking toward the Nymphs’ Hill is the National Observatory. In front is the Sanctuary of Zeus and church of  St. Marina.

Close up

According to archaeological evidence, there was a strong worship of Zeus – the father of gods and men.

Along with several other deities: Nymphs, Muses, Eileithyia, and Artemis; their sanctuary’s once graced this area.

In 1927, the church of St. Marina was built.

There is an ancient custom, which many consider a continuity of ancient worship. The custom of Kylethrea  in which women slides down the smooth rocks of St. Marina in order to ensure fertility.

Beautiful Trees


And now we gaze forward and up to Athens’ most sacred ground: the Pnyx Hill.

More ancient staircases can be found among these trees. We can literally walk in the footsteps of antiquity’s greatest minds.

But let us not forget that each step is also witness to the daily lives of ancient men, women, and children.

A reminder that while moving forward, much can be understood by looking behind.


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