Between Fear and Life

“You are too young to be going through this!”  My doctor throws my blood work on his desk and gestures me toward the examination table. But I am too shocked at what he just told me so I stare silently at a tiny replica of Hippocrates on a shelf behind this desk.

“Come, Mellissa! We will fix this!” In his determination and passion for his work I find strength.

The world is a funny place. One we take for granted until we awaken to the possibility of exit.

After I left my doctor’s office and walked down Ermou street – one of Europe’s most prestigious streets – I must have looked a wreck, my face stained with dried tears and mascara.

So I headed for my peace on Earth, the Acropolis.

The Acropolis

But to my alarm I could not find my peace. So I drifted through the back streets of Plaka.

A beautiful storm appeared overhead.

Suddenly everything had warped into a new perspective. My heart was drawn to these old buildings.

I felt a deep respect. The way cracks in concrete revealed stone. Wounds proudly open for the world to see .

The way colors contrasted dark clouds stirred my soul.

Beautiful, mysterious buildings on busy streets.

I head for the train station, it’s time to go home and face reality.


The Art of Return

I’ve seen it from a distance and have been close to it, but this is the first time I’ve stepped foot into this exotic place between fear and life.

It had been two days since my return from Athens and only one day since my mammogram. From the first  moment I stepped foot in the diagnostic center, I had found myself surrounded by an army of warriors – both patients and staff alike.

As I walked up to the receptionist and requested the results for my mammogram there was a dash into the doctor’s office followed by an uncomfortable request for me to wait.

I sat down on a leather couch, a painting of the Greek goddess of youth over my head.

I silently congratulated myself for getting this far.


A serious eyed women studied my mammogram.

“Are you sure there is no history of breast cancer in your family?”


“We need to do an ultrasound.”


“Right now.”



I exited the diagnostic center and felt as if I were walking on a cloud.

I ran past a souvenir shop filled with French tourist and declared loudly into my phone “Two cyst! But I’m going to be ok. Monitoring every six months. But it’s going to be ok!”

I felt a new appreciation for my body.

I promised myself I would take good care and stay diligent.






5 Responses to “Between Fear and Life

  • An uncanny beginning to your walk, to start on Ermou, named for a god youthful and swift, dashing here and there between worlds of mortals and gods. It’s a dickens of a thing to find a new perspective on the beauty of the world we walk through in the midst of personal turmoil. Seems sort of cruel that it has to happen that way, actually. Surely, though, you’ve brought the beauty already characteristic of Whispers from Greece to the matter here. That’s uncanny too: you’ve blessed your readers in the midst of your trial. My warmest thoughts to you at this hard time.

  • So beautifully said!

  • You’ve come to a healing place, Melissa. A place with memory (in contrast to its oblivious people) and generosity to those coming in love and respect. I’m sure your life will be a long rewarding trip through love, beauty and self discovery. (I’ve walked this, almost identical path, of personal crisis twice. I trust the wisdom of the Universe and the Will of Inner-Self)

  • Everybody, thank you so much. Much gratitude for your kind support and sharing your beautiful thoughts.

  • Your words of wisedom have (and has) been listened by many ears in life. You are wiser than your years Princess, always have been and always will. I love your spriit and I love you!

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