Perception of a Storm

Today’s Tuesday Perspective is for the unseasonable storm that swept over the area, chilling the air and chasing away the beachgoers.

I didn’t mind. It was a welcomed break from the heat and honestly, I’m always looking for an excuse to cuddle into a sweater.


Water is the perfect expression.

Calm is a windless day. Hope is the elegance of reflecting sunlight.

Anxiety is disruption caused by a micro-quake under the gulf, resulting in the sudden crashing waves.

Or just clouds and rain to replenish and revive a dehydrated spirit.

Today’s expression was the relief of escaping my desk and letting worries drift far and away.

Moments after exiting the Corinthian canal a boat was struggling in the waves before docking at the Corinthian port.

Sunlight peeked through rather menacing-looking clouds, casting crepuscular rays through the sky and into the gulf.

And finally, the sun set behind the Corinthian Gulf, leaving behind clouds catching the last bits of light.

And this is my perception of a storm.

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