Supermoon 2014

After 48 hours of chasing the moon, my mission is complete!

From Friday’s amazing moonlit night to last night’s supermoon rising all the way to this morning’s sunrise.


Rising Supermoon

View from my rooftop in Loutraki looking towards Athens. The supermoon rose moments after sunset.

Supermoon over Corinth

 Early this morning, around 5:30 am. Viewed from the Loutraki coastline, the supermoon above Modern Corinth.

Looking toward the AcroCorinth

  The Acrocorinth lit up in moonlight.

Moonlit rocks and sea

Moonlit pebbles and waves, peering out into the Corinthian Gulf looking towards the Land Beyond.

Moonlight at Sunrise

The sky begins to brighten as we approach sunrise.

Moonlight and sunrise

Looking toward Modern Corinth.

Loutraki coast

  Moments before sunrise on the Loutraki promenade.

2014 Supermoon

Last shot of the July 2014 supermoon.


If you missed last night’s supermoon, no worries. The next supermoon will take place next month on August 10th and again September 9th 2014.


Update for 2015: Our supermoons will be returning to the nightsky very soon! The following dates: August 29, September 28, and October 27. 

This coming September’s supermoon will be special because a lunar eclipse will take place. For further reading and information on visibility in your region, I highly recommend EarthSky

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