Moonlit Night

All of Loutraki seemed awake last night.  Families with their children, old men proudly linked  arms with their wives who smiled into the moonlit wind as they strolled the promenade.

At the cafes, friends gathered in groups while a lone hardened faced man slowly drank his whisky,  gazing over the moonlit waves, lost in his private universe.

Tourist seemed a bit dazed.  Perhaps stunned by the winds or the beauty of the night – I don’t know – over ten years in Greece and there are still moments where I find myself silenced by her enchantment.

Moonlit Beach

For me, it was one of those nights when you are so tired that everything between reality and a dream blend into one.  I sat at a cafe with my friend’s sweater wrapped tightly around me as I absorbed the moonlit night.

Moonlit Waves

Strong winds have been continually churning the Corinthian Gulf and besides a few swift moving clouds, the stars and planets shone brilliantly even against a waxing moon at 99% illumination.

Moonlit Night


Later, as I reached my apartment I paused infront of my building observing the layers of our  world. From the little pebbles on the ground to the sun-bleached plants, to the green olive trees, to the rising constellations against  royal blue over the Geraneia mountain range.

For a moment I considered that perhaps I had crossed over the threshold of reality and this  was only a dream.


Moonset behind Modern Corinth

Instead I sat  on my balcony and watched the moon  set behind Corinth.

Tonight will be the rise of the supermoon and our night will grow even brighter.


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