The Land Beyond

I love and respect lesser-known archaeological sites and write often about Perachora, which in Greek means the land beyond.

Perachora is one of Greece’s best kept secrets. Her few visitors are either on some archaeological quest or have personal attachment to the site.

As is my case. So intense is my love for this site that I relocated to an apartment with a view of the Perachora peninsula from across the Corinthian Gulf.

After a tiring day, just one gaze off my balcony and I can see a slow, blinking light. This is the Perachora lighthouse, towering over her archaeological remains – alerting ships passing by.

Throughout the seasons,I have gathered hundreds of shots of the peninsula, during different phases of the year.


The Land Beyond at Sunrise

Early morning, young Summers sunlight reaches Perachora from across the Corinthian Gulf.

The Land Beyond in the sunlight

Perachora in midday Autumn sunlight…

The Land Beyond engulfed in a rain shower

…and later engulfed in rain a shower.

Strong winds over the gulf

Wind surfers…

Large waves

…and the Meltemi winds.

Storm clouds over PerachoraLate Winter; pillars of seasonal storm clouds over Perachora.

Thunderstorm passing over Perachora

After a Winter storm…sunlight breaks over the peninsula, giving the ancient site an aura.

Peaceful waters

Late Spring…


…fishing on peaceful waters.

Perachara sunset

Summer sunset…

Our star above the land beyond

…our star dropping behind the peninsula.

Perahora Nightfall

Summer nightfall over Perachora – the Land Beyond.

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