For today’s Tuesday perspective I’d like to venture outside my box. Let’s talk about things we cannot see but are searching for.


Reading on the beach

Too often, I tend to forget that I live close to an area that is immensely holy to so many.

Around April and May there are many interesting groups of tourist arriving  from all over the world.

They are all headed for Corinth in tribute to their faith.

Some are searching for their Jesus while others are Pagans paying tribute to the Old Gods.

Reading on the beach


So important is Corinth to these travelers that they will camp on the beach in their sleeping bags, never minding the cold Spring nights.

They are up early with the sunrise. Some are meditating, some are reading a bible.  Others are gazing so deeply over the Corinthian Gulf, it is easy to wonder if they are conversing with the water.


Reading on the beach

Though I’ve never had a conversation with these people, I truly enjoy their peaceful, quiet presence.

And most importantly it is comforting to see the respect they share for one another, no matter their religion.

They understand, we are all in search for something.

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