Life Under the Sea

To do nothing is also a good remedy – Hippocrates

Sometimes, a perfect start to a week is to get up early and slow your mind.

In the early morning, right before the heat became unbearable and there was a breeze blowing over the Corinthian Gulf, I walked down to the small Loutraki port to where there is a perfect view of Modern Corinth.

Loutraki Beach

The sea was clear and peaceful.

Corinthian Gulf

If you sat at the edge of the port, you could stare straight down into the water and have a glimpse of life under the sea.

Corinthian Gulf

I could have spent hours staring into the water, watching these adorable schools of fish dart by.



But sometimes minutes can feel like hours.

My mind felt as clear as the sea.

So I stood up and began my day.


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