After the rain

Poppies have a very short life span so I can’t bring myself to pick them.

If my love for Greece were a painting, it would be a painting that manifested every May 1st.

As I write this, I sit on my balcony. The sun is lowering and a waxing crescent moon appears overhead. All day, and even now, families are strolling through fields picking flowers. These flowers will be brought into their homes, some made into wreaths where they will hang on front doors, per ancient tradition.

Poppy flowers

This is a celebration of  life and the burning approach of a Mediterranean Summer where the heat will press down on our heads and lure us into azure seas.  However we will walk slower, eat less and nap deeper.

Such is the gift of Greece.

Going slow.

Some say the Greeks move too slow but I argue this pace is just right.

The Ancient Greek legacy wasn’t achieved by racing against time.  When they bravely strolled to the edge of their abilities it was there they  patiently explored, questioned, and contemplated.

And now at every corner of the world, we hear the echoes of an Ancient Greek mind.

Poppy flower


 Poppies have a very short life span but I don’t see them in a hurry.

Now the sun has set, night arrived.

The sleepy smell of chamomile and all the riches of nature are carried down the mountain on a breeze. Now they will collide with the salty sea and if enlightenment is real – then quieting the mind and breathing in the air of a Greek Springs’ night is conversing with Gods or walking side by side with heroes in the Elysian Fields, or if you prefer, this is Heaven.

My love for Greece is in this moment.

Flower Kisses

If Poppies had thoughts, I am sure they would agree.


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