Day 11: Storms of Greece

Day 11

Storms of Greece

Back in my home state of New Jersey, I grew up with some powerful thunderstorms.

As a child I loved when a menacing cloud appeared overhead and there was a mad rush to bring everything inside, gather three roaming house cats and shut the windows.

Now in Greece, the experience is magnified. Watching a storm manifest and engulf a mountain and stir up the Corinthian Gulf is incredible to say the least.

So when Spring weather gave way to Armageddon-like skies and the locals ran for shelter, I welcomed it.

A Wall of Water

Snug in a cafe on the Loutraki shoreline,  a wall of rain water could be seen racing across the Corinthian Gulf, swallowing the Perahora peninsula and coming straight at us.

When Lightning Strikes

The storms were stubborn and continued raging all night.

There was only a brief pause allowing for a twenty second sunrise.

But that was swiftly blocked out by another wave of storms. The mountain ahead seemed to almost vanish as I stood on my balcony and found myself inside a world of fog: dark mist swirling inside the churning stomach of a hungry beast with a temper.

A few moments later and there was hail, lightning and of course, as anybody obsessed with photography can appreciate – a perfect time to grab the camera.

Looks like a Tornado.

Looking toward the Modern Perahora village a massive cloud gave the illusion of a tornado. But thank goodness it was not!

The End of a Storm

As much as I love storms, thank goodness they don’t last forever.

The Greeks love the sun.

I have a theory that the sun is a powerful, inspired symbol that represents the spirit of Hellenism…but that’s another topic for another day.


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