A Lesson Learned on Easter

I decided to be brave and host a Greek Easter celebration. However I must confess selfish motives, I was searching for a deeper understanding of Modern Greek culture and even more, I was on a quest to open my heart to love. What better place to understand love than in Greece?

As I greeted my guest, little did I know a lesson was walking through my door; somebody who grated my nerves and obviously did not want to be in my home. She sat slumped miserably on a chair refusing to touch anything “foreign”. But the more she frowned the more wine we drank and the more she complained the more we laughed.

The air was warm and a perfect breeze blew over the Corinthian Gulf and through my apartment. Frank Sinatra sang out from my speakers, an odd contrast to my neighbors traditional Greek music.

My guest and I stumbled out to my balcony and called down for my neighbors to join us. Soon my apartment was full of greetings, hand shakes and kisses and somewhere I swear I heard a chorus of Greek accents singing “And I did it myyyyy way!”

And still, she sat there slumped and miserable in the same chair. No matter how hard I tried to make her happy, this was hell on Earth.

“Are you going to eat all of that?” She asked as I helped myself to another keftede.

“It’s really good! Have some!” I offered.

How sad it is to try and reach out to somebody. All they think is that you are trying to get into their head when all you want is to warm their heart.

It was only after the sun had set and everybody had left and I was washing the dishes I finally understood. She was a reflection of myself. My own stubbornness and lack of willingness to allow trust and love into my heart.

What else in this life am I missing?

And this was a lesson learned on Easter.

And this was the greatest gift.

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