Day 10: Lost in Translation


Lost in Translation


Today is Good Friday and I am lost in translation.

Being lost in translation is like being deaf. You rely heavily on instinct. But no language is needed to understand that tonight is solemn.

Much like my conflicted heart, the Mediterranean sky couldn’t make up its mind as the clouds competed with sun. If this were Ancient Greece, there would be countless festivals in honor of flowers, wine and renewal of life. But in reality this is modern Greece.  A sporadic firecracker spooks the dogs while monotone notes of church bells echo throughout town and bounce off mountain tops. What am I missing?

The contrast is remarkable. If the Ancient Greeks were here what would they say? If Modern Greeks traveled back in time, what would they say?

Perhaps, we are all lost in the translation of spirit. So we rely heavily on instinct. But all I know is at this moment, Greece is complicated but alive.

There is a festival approaching and I must see where it takes me.


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