Day 9: It’s Time to Stop Giving Up.

I was letting this whole Every Positive Moment idea evaporate. I thought it was too cliché and perhaps a bit silly.

But last night I received an email from a stranger thanking me for reminding her there are reasons to live.

Such a statement may seem extreme to some, however since the economic crisis  “Thank you for helping me get through another day” is a theme in Greece.

It is all too common to hear about a man who took his life because he was unable to provide for his family. Or a mother who turned to prostitution so she can put food on the table. Or an elderly couple who cannot afford medical treatment so they suffer silently in each other’s company.

Too often have I found myself in a situation where a friend shows up at my doorstep ready to give up on what they perceive a pointless life. After a lengthy discussion we conclude that it is not their life they want to take, it’s the situation they want over. Taking their own life is permanent, the situation is not. So one foot infront of the other. Lets get some food in you and then walk up to the Pnyx Hill where we will stare at the Parthenon and listen to the wind blow through the olive trees. You are not alone and we will get through this together.

So if sharing a picture of a flower, bird, sunset, or an ancient Greek statue is going to put energy in a tired soul, then damn right – let us continue. It’s time to stop giving up.

May these words find the people who need them most.



Day 9

Sail Away

I have a few Facebook friends who also love to take pictures and share in the obsession of smaller details in life.

Though we live in Loutraki and have never met, it always amazes me that we seem to notice the same thing.

Sunsets in Greece are always stunning, however one will seem extraordinary and we will recognize that. There could be twenty boats sailing over the Corinthian Gulf,  but it will always be the same boat that catches our eye.

The sailboat above was such the case. It was fantastic to later see the same boat, viewed from different areas of the Loutraki coastline, pop up on Facebook.

It is moments like this I find immensely inspiring. It is a reminder that every one of us is linked on a deeper level. We are in this together and most importantly we are not alone. Truly, we can get through anything together.



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