Calm Before an Earthquake

A few hours before a 5.7 undersea earthquake , I was at the beach taking pictures.

I’ve always been fascinated by earthquakes.

There are many historical references to powerful earthquakes in Ancient Greece. Some even triggered tsunamis. When on a boat heading for an island or in Loutraki gazing  over the Corinthian Gulf, I always wonder what these bodies of water witnessed.

I’ve experienced many earthquakes while living in Greece. But unlike the other earthquakes where a sudden jolt-like shaking accompanies the rattling of objects – a rapid crescendo than decrescendo – this earthquake was different. As I was editing the video below I was contemplating how this area is one of the most seismically active regions in Europe. It was at that moment the building began to sway back and forth, almost in slow motion. Deep down, I understood that the earthquake was not strong enough to do damage, however the sensation was unnerving.

It is a reminder that no matter how beautiful our planet is, never underestimate her power.

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