Day 8: Oasis

Day 8


Between the many buildings and taverns on the Loutraki coastline there is an overlooked piece of land guarded by a lone gate. I must have passed it hundreds of times, however something caught my dogs attention and dogs know best. As I tentatively stepped over the remains of a stone wall I wondered how come I’ve never noticed this place before?


The further back we explored the taller the  grass became. And as I looked back toward the coastline, I could see lavender growing in a perfect square – like an imprint of a building. But gazing even farther back, passed the lone gate and over the Corinthian Gulf I could see the peninsula of Perachora.


It suddenly occurred to me that this was Loutraki in her most natural state.

A few thousand years ago this oasis was submerged under the sea. The Ancient Greeks would have been sailing their ships here. Now it is said that the Corinthian Gulf is rising and this landscape which I presently call home will return to its former state under the waves.

In a flight of imagination I wondered what the world looked like through the eyes of an Ancient Greek sailor.

Sailing under a canopy of stars. The Acropolis in the Geraneia mountain towering above, keeping a watchful eye. Perhaps our sailor was heading toward Corinth, or perhaps returning from Perachora or perhaps stopping at Thermae – Loutraki’s ancient name.  Thermae was renowned for her healing. There must have been a temple or two dedicated to the healing gods…

Truly, if only  the Geraneia mountain could speak and share with us everything it has overheard and witnessed over time.


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