Day 7: The Blue of Greece

Day 7

The Blue of Greece

This morning when I pulled back the curtains and opened my balcony doors, I squinted up at the Geraneia Mountain and couldn’t believe it. The clouds were finally gone and the sky was clearly blue.


Ancient Blue

The Ancient Greeks didn’t have a word for blue. When they looked at the sky they described gold or bronze and when Aristotle very briefly described colors he only mentioned degrees of brightness.

The relationship between the Ancient Greeks and color is a fierce debate. Some believe the Ancient Greeks were color blind. I don’t believe they were, I subscribe to the theory that they used color as an interpretation of emotion.

Law of the Islands

I’ve been told on a few occasions that there was a law on the islands forbidding anybody from painting their house a color other than white. The reason being that white buildings should contrast with the blue sea, the colors of the Greek flag.

A Possible Nod to the Ancients

It also may be interesting to note, that the nine stripes on the Greek flag are rumored to be a nod to the nine Muses. The blue and the white are said to represent Aphrodite emerging from the sea. However these are only rumors and oddly enough, nobody really knows for sure the origins of the Greek flag.


So, when I close my eyes and think of Greece, blue will always flood my imagination. Azure for the Aegean, Royal for the sky, and gold for the Ancients.

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