Reflections of Archaeology

Last year I discovered a course in archaeology, taught by Sue Alcock at Brown University. It’s free to the public via Coursera.

For me, the timing was perfect. The characters in one of my projects have their lives disrupted by an archaeological mystery so knowledge of archaeology is a must.

One of the things that stood out in my mind during this course was our professor’s emphasis on always looking down. During a surface survey archaeologist will field-walk, which is walking back and forth in a straight line while intently study the ground for clues such as color changes in the soil and even what types of plants are growing.

So while at the Acropolis and walking around the Parthenon, I had my professors words about field-walking in mind.

It had rained the day before. Wind blew ripples in puddles but for the briefest of moments it stopped and I caught the reflection of the Parthenon. “How profound,” I thought “A reflection of this ancient temple on this ancient ground.”

Reflections of Archaeology


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