The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, one the lost seven wonders of the world.

The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, one the lost seven wonders of the world.


The Birth of Zeus

Cronos, leader of the Titans, was scared of only one thing: Gia’s prophecy that he would sire a child who would surpass him in power. But Cronos had a solution. Every time his wife Rhea gave birth, he forced her to hand over the baby.

He then swallowed it whole.

Rhea was fearful of her husband. So one day she gathered her courage and spoke to Gia in secrete. Together they devised a plan.

After Rhea gave birth to Zeus, she handed Cronos a rock wrapped in cloth. He swallowed it without a second thought.

Rhea and Gia swiftly hid Zeus in a cave on the island of Crete. There he lay safely in a cradle suspending him between Earth, sea, and sky thus making him invisible to his murderous father.

Legends speak differently as to who raised Zeus: the golden dog who protectively circled his cradle, a Nymph who tended to him, and even a goat who nursed him. There were the Kouretes, gentle spirits who loudly clashed spears on shields to drown out the cries of infant Zeus.

But what we do know is that as Zeus was secretly raised, he was carefully plotting.

The first thing he did when he reached maturity was rescue his brothers and sisters from the pits of his father’s stomach.

And then, it was time for war. Zeus led his siblings and allies in a rebellion against the Titans: The Battle of the Gods.

Zeus with his lightning and eagle.

The Eagle

But moments before the first terrifying clash between the divine forces, something caught Zeus’ eye; a magnificent golden eagle flying overhead.

He took this glorious bird as a positive omen and then proceeded to charge the enemy with shout a that trembled the Earth.

And from that very moment in time, the eagle became the symbol of strength, courage, and justice.

Temple of Zeus in Athens

Temple of Zeus in Athens


  The Lost Myth and Rise of Zeus

The details of one of the most epic battles in the realm of Ancient Greece are lost to us. We only know of it’s existence thanks to ancient mentions of the Titanomachy. But perhaps somewhere under the soil of Greece, is a tablet waiting to be unearthed.

But what we do know is that the battle was long, difficult, and victorious.

After they defeated the Titans, Zeus shared the world with his eldest brothers. Poseidon took the waters. Hades took the Underworld. Zeus became the sky dweller, ruler of justice, and King of Gods.




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