Ancient Greek Quotes

Ancient Greek quotes from  some of the most fantastic minds of Ancient Greece.

View from the Pnyx Hill

Praise old wine, but new poetry.  Pindar

 The prosperity of a fool is a heavy burden to put up with.  Aeschylus

 To much sleep becomes a pain.  Homer

Any man who can blush has some honesty in him.  Menander

 Poverty is the mother of all arts.  Theocritus

 In an honorable enterprise, there must be no delay.  Nigrinus

 Sweetest is the life that is untroubled by thought.  Sophocles

 When in apes company, one must play the ape.  Apollodrus

 Let each man practice the craft he knows.  Arisophanes

 Action achieves more than words.  Euripides

 Whom the gods love die young.  Menander

 When the wine is in, the words flow out.  Herodutus

 It is harder to conquer a woman than to subdue any wild beast.  Aristophanes

 No one has ever known his own parent.  Homer

 Nature creates nothing without purpose.  Aristotle

 Old things become new with the passage of time.  Nicostratus

Sleeping on the Parthenon

 Poverty teaches manners.  Antiphanes

 None love life as much as those who are growing old.  Sopholes

 Who will rule the rulers?  Plutarch

It is difficult to argue with the belly, as it has no ears.  Plutarch

 Necessity teaches wisdom even to the stupid.  Euripides

 He who doesn’t find a little enough, will find nothing enough.  Epicurus

There’s always something new to learn from Africa.  Aristotle

It will not always be Summer: gather the harvest while you can.  Hesiod


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