Facts about the Ancient Greeks



Facts about the Ancient Greeks


Poems sang by bards were the books and newspapers of the day.


Ancient Greeks did not eat tomatoes, potatoes, oranges and lemons since these were unknown at that time.


Men of ancient Athens rivaled each other in the excellence of their beards. Beard trimming became an art & barbers became leading citizens.


In Sparta, men didn’t have a word for Summer; they called it Strateiorion, campaigning season, time of war. And the only honor greater than dying in war, was birth. Women who died during childbirth were treated as fallen warriors.


Boys in Sparta were sent to military camps at the age of 7. They learned how to read and write at 14. Military service lasted until 60.


Panic (Phobos) was the son of Ares (God of War). The all-consuming Panic accompanied his proud father into battle and possed entire armies.


Ancient Greeks believed dearly in balance of mind & body. Inscribed on the shrine of Delphi, reads “Nothing in excess” and “Know thyself”.


The yo-yo is the second oldest known toy in the world (only the doll is older), used 3,000 years ago in Greece.


Girls left their childhood toys at the temple of Artemis, signifying that they were passing into adulthood.


Miniature elephants once existed on Crete, Cyprus, and various other Mediterranean islands.


Ancient tourist, philosophers, warriors, and all seeking improved health swore about the healing of hotsprings.


The ancient Greeks believed that dance was vital to maintain physical and emotional health.


Music in ancient Greece was a form of mathematics as well as art. Pythagoras discovered this by listening to the hammers used by smiths.


The Greeks believed that an oath sworn by Gaia was strongest, since no one could escape from the Earth herself.


Ancient Greeks did not use napkins. Instead they wiped their hands on pieces of bread which were given to the dogs.


Electrical shocks given by torpedo fish were used for medicinal purposes by the ancient Greeks.


Deadalus invented wings a mortal could use to fly with. These wings became the sails on Greek ships.


Food for the Greeks had religious and philosophical meaning. They never ate meat unless it had been sacrificed to a god.


The Ancient Greek calendar was divided into months, each began with the new moon and were named after festivals in each city.


Some scholars say that Greek civilization has been around for so long that it has had a chance to try nearly every from of government.


When the ancient Greeks took marble from a mountain, they always took care to heal the wound.


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